Gospel Ministry

We aim to organize various gospel events to enable students to experience the gospel in reality and understand its importance in their lives. Furthermore, through systematic training, the department also aims to cultivate Christian students to establish a strong testimony in their faith.

Gospel Week

As an intensive gospel-oriented activity, we strive to help students understand the love and salvation of Jesus Christ and aspire them to live a holy life like Christ. The week-long activity provides a comprehensive and immersive experience for students to deepen their understanding of the gospel. Through Gospel Week, we hope to inspire students to live a Christ-centered life.


22-23 Gospel Week Activities

21-22 Gospel Week Activities

Gospel Camp

Through this three-day, two-night intensive gospel-oriented activity, we hope to deepen students' understanding of the love and salvation of Jesus Christ. For Christian students, the camp provides an opportunity for them to reflect on the relationship between their lives and faith, affirm their personal redemption through the Saviour, and aspire to live like Christ and actively participate in church life. The activities are designed to allow each group of teachers and students to have more opportunities to share the gospel and discuss faith issues. Over years of organisation, we are pleased to see students developing a stronger sense of Christian identity.


4C Ko Cheuck Nam Hannah ﹕ Gospel Camp is one of the major gospel-oriented events every year, and our students have gained a lot from this camp. In the past year, I also participated in the Gospel Camp. During the camp, we had worship, games and sharing . Throughout the camp, I felt that my understanding of faith has grown and I am thankful for God's guidance and preservation in this camp. The theme of last year's camp was "Discovering Love, Walking Together", which made me feel that the Lord is with us all the time, and that there are different walkers around us who are walking with us on this rough road. Therefore, I have signed up for this year's camp, and I believe I will have more to gain from this year's camp.

The Gospel Camps also allow students to understand and experience the truth of Christianity, develop a positive attitude towards life, and create a spiritual atmosphere in the classroom. Additionally, teachers and students have more time for free sharing, enabling teachers to gain a deeper understanding of individual students and assist them in their personal growth.


5B Lue Pui Yi Christy﹕ In 5B cell group, I am very grateful for having my classmates gather together, praying together in the stress of a busy life, sharing the joyful time. Here there is only a relationship of friends, everyone freely sharing what they think and listening to others share. This time is not a waste of time, but a time of joy and fellowship with God, and I am happy to be part of it.


5B Ho Kit Ying﹕ Every cell group is special, and I appreciate this time. Because there are not many students are Christian or going church regularly, cell groups are one of the opportunities to invite students to come into contact with the faith. Cell groups use different ways to bring students into contact, such as games, short films, sharing. Hopefully, gradually, they will get to know more about the faith.



This group of students are especially trained to spread the gospel to their peers and become leaders in the community of faith. Through systematic training and mentorship, Sparklers are provided with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to live out their faith and positively impact all school members, regardless of their Christianity identities.


5D Li Sung Kwan Godfery ﹕ I think the Sparklers are a group of people who want to do more for campus evangelism, to take the initiative to light up other people, to be a match in the school. I hope that in the future, Sparklers can set a better example and be united in everything they do.


5C Li Tim Ming﹕ I have been a member of the sparklers family since the form 2. In the beginning, there were so many passionate people and I thought I was not very passionate. However, as I continued to hear many good testimonies from the Sparklers community, I came to trust in Jesus. As a Sparkler for four years, I feel that my passion for spreading the Gospel on campus has increased, and the Sparklers are a very loving group of people who don't get to see each other very often, but we all mingle like a family.



The Worship Team

This group of students and teachers serves God through music. The purpose of the team is to cultivate a proper view of worship and strengthen students' spiritual lives through their music ministry. The Worship Team provides a platform for students to showcase their talents and gifts and encourages them to use those talents to serve God and others. Through music ministry, students can develop a deeper relationship with God, experience growth in their faith, and express their love for Him. The Worship Team also provides opportunities for students to learn about leading a worship, working as a team, and using their talents and gifts to serve others.


5A Chan Ching Kwong﹕ Being on the worship team has given me a sense of love and fire in the team, which has been a pleasant surprise compared to what I expected when I first joined the team. I joined the worship team purely to give myself away, but I was pleasantly surprised by what I received. The worship team is not a worship machine, it is a community of love.